Taiwan is not a part of China. This issue has been talked about with a lot of Taiwanese in Dcard and other websites in Taiwan. But all the complaints are in Mandarin. As a tour guide in Taiwan. I have to state this complaint in English for Taiwan. I know something is not right. As long as we set our nationality in couch surfing for our profiles, it shows “Taiwan, a province of China” Taiwan is not actually part of China. I wish couch surfing can fix the system for profile setting . I have been traveling in Europe for one year by using couch surfing. All the people who I met are amazing! But they don’t really know something right about our country, Taiwan. Because of the profile of the couch surfing. Some people thought my country, Taiwan is associated with the China, communism. That’s a big mistake. We have our own military, currency, territory, and democracy. I am proud of being Taiwanese. Although my ancestor is from China 360 years ago, I am Taiwanese. For example: Austria and Germany are German speaking countries. But the both cultures, governments are not the same.The people between are totally different. If I type my location for my profile “Taiwan”, the system incorrectly automatically changes it to, “Taiwan, a province of China”. I really wish couch surfing will do something or I might complain further and work with other people.

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