Complaint: In June of 1986 I did a home study for truck driving school with County Schools Inc. in Bridgeport Ct. In late Jan 1987 The School paid my way to bridgport for mostly inclass book studies and very little time in the yard for three weeks when time to drive on the road they took four to five guys at a time giving us only about fifteen minutes of actual driving time behind their big rigs totaling about fourty five minutes. Infact one of the drivers in another County School tuck bellied the truck upside down in the snow which state troopers shopuld have made a report. They gave us a (Class One Certification ) and I came home to try to get work I did not have enough training according to trucking companys and was told I needed to be retrained. That course was around $2400 dollars now up to $8000. the School should have been held liable. I would like to here if anyone else recieved that same kind of training? Terry B, Of Washington State.

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