I have used CouponCabin for quite some time and never had a problem, until now.On Sunday, September 2, 2018, I received an e-mail from CouponCabin informing me that the first 8 who clicked through would be offered $100 off a $100+ purchase at homedepot.com.I monitored the time closely and at the appropriate time, I clicked through and was successful at obtaining the offer.I had been looking for a lamp, so after a period of time, but prior to the offer’s expiration, I found one that I wished to purchase. I clicked through the link several times to ensure that it was active.I also read the fine print carefully. Disable ad blockers: check. Make sure cart is empty first: check. Home delivery only, no in-store pick-up: check.Purchased the lamp and everything seemed fine.On Tuesday afternoon, September 4, 2018, I attempted to login to CouponCabin to ensure that the offer had been processed properly. However, I was unable to login.When password resets didn’t work, I contacted the company. I was very quickly offered the following message, which made zero sense to me.Hello, Brad.Our security system has identified your account ([email protected]) and multiple computer networks that your account has accessed (including but not limited to Internet Protocol address: as severely violating the terms and conditions of CouponCabin’s cash back program. As a result, your account has been permanently closed and the cash back has been forfeited.I asked for a further explanation but have not received one to date.Meanwhile the lamp has been ordered and shipped. Not only is CouponCabin reneging on their $100 off of $100 offer, but they’ve closed my account, confiscated any cash that was in there, and refused (so far) to tell me why this action was taken.I’ve recommended CouponCabin to many people, including to my girlfriend at the time that I “qualified”” for this offer. Makes me feel kind of dumb for going out of my way to recommend them. Frustrating

annoying embarrassing and unwarranted.I’ll continue to update my experience and hopefully I’ll get some resolution. But for now

I’ve got an expensive lamp on the way that I’m not even sure will be here before I leave for China

and now I have to hassle/fight/argue with CouponCabin and I don’t think I did a thing that was wrong.Let me also add

this is a very poor way to treat established customers. Deactivating their accounts without explanation and reneging on promises. If there’s an issue