I had the WORST experience with Courtney Landscape and Pools building my pool. They started the job on time but didnu2019t pull the Clark County Construction permits before starting. I finally had to ask where the permits were after excavation and the plumbing was being installed. Throughout the build, several days would go by without any work being done, without reason and no contact. At least once a week, I had to call to find out when work would resume. They failed several Clark County building code inspections and the companyu2019s manager assigned to oversee the build explanation was that the inspector was too strict with the interpretation of the requirements. If it had been the other inspector, it would have passed. REALLY? The masonry crew that was in charge of building the walls for the elevated deck would show up to start working at 5 PM. Yes, PM at night! They were completely incompetent and would have placed the deck foundation cinderblocks in the wrong locations if I hadnu2019t brought the mistake to their attention, as they were pouring the concrete. The white plaster has mottling, dark grey areas, which make the pool look dirty. It is driving me insane and when I complained, they told me that everyoneu2019s white pool looks like that. I am convinced that I am going to have to file a complaint with the Contractors Board to get this fixed. The supervisor would show up once in the morning when the crew started working and once at the end of the day. There was ZERO supervision of the work being done. They provide a false sense of security to customers when signing the contract because the payments are broken down into stages. What they didnu2019t tell me was that the required payment schedule is at intervals that include money for work that has not been completed yet. I told them that I refused to pay for work that hasnu2019t been completed yet and they immediately threatened to stop work on the job. As per Nevada Statute NRS 624.935, if satisfactory payment is made for any portion of the work performed, the contractor shall, before any further payment is made, furnish the owner a full and unconditional release from any claim of mechanic’s lien for that portion of the work for which payment has been made. When I asked for the releases before making my next installment, I was told that releases were provided at the end of the job, not during. I told them that I wasnu2019t going to make another payment without the releases and they immediately threatened to stop work on the job until I made a payment.Anything that was not in the initial contract was an upgrade and they tried to price gouge ANY add-ons. The completion was SEVERAL MONTHS past the expected completion date in the contract. The completion delay resulted in having to wait MONTHS to use my pool because it was too cold when it was finished. I wasnu2019t offered any concession to compensate for it.I work from home so I had the ability to watch every part of the construction. There were SO many things that were done incorrectly that I had to bring to their attention. The owner of the company told me that I was the worst customer that they ever had because I didnu2019t give them enough time to find the mistakes & then fix them. Thatu2019s what I got from hiring Courtney Landscape and Pools. They have to take months to screw up your pool and then you have to wait for them to figure out what went wrong so they can fix it. If itu2019s something thatu2019s not immediately apparent, you will eventually find out way after they have your money and are long gone.

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