My son went to this website and placed an order for 2 items (blankets), totaling $79.90 on Nov. 4. He was sent an email confirmation from [email protected] Their website says it could take 12-20 days to receive the order, or up to 6 weeks. As of Nov. 28 he has not received any shipping information or the products. I got involved and emailed the company asking about his order on Nov. 24. The email bounced back saying the address was incorrect, even though I clicked on the link they provided for questions. My son also emailed them from his email account. Their website does not list any address, phone numbers or any other way to contact them except email, which they aren’t responding to. I do not know what country they are in. Their entire website seems like a scam. I have tried to do web searches for more information about the company or website but can’t find anything.