Complaint: The judge ordered my babies to be taken away from me because I missed to many counceling appointments due to transportation issues no fault of mine the judge said. theres no abuse nor neglect in this case my husband had some mental health problems which he has been stable for over a year now we have done everything they’ve wanted us to do EVERYTHING. I followed the safety plans from 2016 case that was closed 2017 my husband had another episode because he was misdiagnosed in 2016 he ended up getting the right medication and has been stable since May 2017, I took my babies and left. Well cps was called for what reason idk I did what I was supposed to do. When my husband went to the hospital I returned home when he was discharged from the hospital he wasnt allowed to return home even though he was stable. Here it is 2018 hes been stable for for awhile now going to counceling drs appointments I have as well but because the lack of transportation issues ive missed 12 appointments with counceling which was no fault of mine. The judge even recognized that he found jeapordy in me and had my babies taken away 40-50 miles away. I am a passamaquoddy tribal member but because my babies dont have enough blood quantum to be on the census here but they are on the Penobscot tribe because I lived too close to the water and because I made the decision to let my husband spend Christmas day with us without a babysitter they wanted custody of my babies. The only way that my husband is allowed to be here at home is if we have someone who is willing to live with us 24/7. The Guardian at Latium and child welfare from my tribe stated in court to leave the babies with me that’s the best interest of the babies, well the judge ordered that my babies be taken away from me. These little girl’s have been with us since day one and hasn’t been with anyone else, I WANT MY BABIES BACK NOW! IM GONNA MISS MY BABIES BIRTHDAY AND EASTER WITH THEM, WHY BECAUSE I MISSED TO MANY COUNCELING APPOINTMENTS ARE YOU SERIOUS NO ABUSE NOR NEGLECT CPS HAS THREATENED US INTIMANATED US HARASSED US I WANT TO GET A SUIT AGAINST CPS AND THEIR CROOKED WAYS AS WELL AS THE COKE ADDICTED JUDGE HE WAS MESSED UP IN COURT THAT DAY HOW I KNOW I USE TO BE A DRUG ADDICT MYSELF IT TAKES ONE TO KNOW ONE.

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