Complaint: To all truckers..stay away from this company. My fiance hasnt seen a check in 2 months. Hes being ripped off, lied to and they dont care about their drivers. Hes a trainer and is suppose to have a 2nd seater to train, and instead gets a run around. When he does get a student he has to pay the student for being in the truck. Then he has to pay for fuel and maintance. A good example is he was in Washington DC he and his student had to wait 22 hours before getting unloaded, next thing he knew he was stuck up there for almost a week and no money. His student quit, he didnt want to be a part of a company that treats drivers like crap. Another a good example is here recently his students dad was deathly ill and needed to get home. They said they will get him home. Another lie, my fiancee had to go to Dodge City then to California. He wasnt allowed to go to Texas to get him home. Hes had to do most of the driving since his 2nd seater is distraught. This company daily lies to him, gives him empty promises. We have lost our home, our vehicles and his patients. Hes so angry at this company for not paying him so his family wouldnt be homeless. Thank goodness I work, but the little money I make barelys supports him or us. He goes days on the road without eating or anything to drink, that is so unhuman what they are doing. Hes tired of driving for free and is gonna find work elsewere. Until then we gotta find a way for him to survive and for us to have a Christmas..So Merry Christmas Engalnd hope you enjoy the money that your robbing from your drivers. By the way Im a waitress at Dennys and I make more then him hmmm something wrong with this picture since I get paid 2.13 an hour….

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