Re: Dinner at Store #502 On Saturday, April 27, 2019, I took my out of town guest to my Cracker Barrel restaurant for dinner. The restaurant is only less than 2 miles from my home, and I visit there often. I “usually” have no complaints until now!! Arriving around 6 pm the restaurant was not too busy, the 4 of us was seated right away, our waitress, Monica D took our order. Only one of us ordered an entree, then other 3 ordered vegetables, we asked for corn muffins. Only a few minutes past and our order arrived. The entree on a plate, and all the veggies in bowls! Asking for 3 extra plates, she walked to kitchen, we began looking at the food, and tasting!!! COLD, mashed potatoes, my broccoli was almost a “lime green” color and almost rubbery, NO TASTE!! Then there was the pinto beans, COLD and thick as pudding, I had to search for a bean!!! The collard greens, COLD and DRY no juice at all. Monica returned, I told her about our issues, she apologized and said they had other food issues all day! Oh, and the muffins were in the oven and it’ll be at least another 10 minutes! I mentioned I might need to talk with a manager, she didn’t offer to go find him. We picked a bite or two from the bowl and my sister ate a few bites of her meatloaf and said it was kinda, “soft tasting, ” she didn’t eat any of it except those 3 bites!!! We got up and left the table!!! I went to register to pay, as always the cashier asked if we enjoyed our meal? I said NO, and told him everything, he apologized but didn’t offer any solution or to get the manager! I paid the check, turned to hear 2 ladies in line behind me complaining about their meal also!!! So…I said, I want to talk to the manager now! Myself and the other ladies stood together and waited. A young man walked up dressed in black shirt & black pants, I don’t remember him saying his name, but he was the manager. We told it all, he apologized also, telling us he had issues with food prep all day, and that the wait staff is suppose to report issues to him and he didn’t know anything about ours. He never offered to give us a refund or a gift card to come back to make things better!!! That’s just good PR, right now I’m telling all my friends about how bad it was and how “EMBARRASSING” I was for bringing my out of town guest to experience such a bad meal ?? I sure hope IF I return to my area Cracker Barrel that things will be better!! Sincerely Dee Kannon 14123 Norwood Pond Lane Midlothian, VA 23112 [protected]

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