I hired Craft Resumes to produce a new resume for me. I was referred to a free lance writer. I was asked to approve the resume in 3 or 4 days. The resume looked good and I asked a couple of people to review. Everyone agreed it seemed ok. When I submitted the resume to online job search firms such as Indeed, Ladders, etc. the software that scans the resume missed all of my current job experience and only read jobs (in a totally different career and industry) from the past (over 3 years earlier). | I contacted Craftresumes and informed them. They said since the 3 day period had expired, I’d have to pay them more money. Also,, they were supposed to updating my Linkedin Profile, which they seemed incapable of doing. | After 5 months of asking them to fix the resume (during which I received no job offers), and them saying they don’t make changes for free. I gave up. | Don’t get near Craft Resumes- they don’t do what they say. I asked them if they ran the resume through the same software that companies use to scan resumes and they said, they don’t scan. This makes them obsolete and dishonest. I was told my resume would be properly reviewed by all the latest software scanning systems. | Save your money! |

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