This was stated in a post on August 2, 2010, “Craig and Becky Frost refuse to pay for thier “”Fuel”” and “”Handling”” invoices for “”Air Charter Professionals.”” This company is set up to appear as though they have an office in several locations however this is a home based business with a reputation of NOT payting their debts and are very noncommunicative. Craig and Becky have each lied numerous time about payments being made and have never kept an appointment to discuss resolve as scheduled or returned an email to that effect. Air Charter Professionals is in the process of being called under review by all appropriate industry-related state and federal agencies to make sure they are more responsible in carrying out licensing requirements than paying bills.”” I completely and 100% agree with this. I am in the same boat. They owe me tens of thousands of dollars for fuel charges. Craig is evasive and Becky is rude

abrasive and offensive. I am not expecting to see any of it because I am under the distinct impression that there home in Washington may be in foreclosure

their lake properties

their vehicles

their vacation homes…all in dire financial status. “”WASHINGTON RECORDS | North America > United States from …Jul 13