Complaint: I never typically write reviewsu2026However, I am extremely disappointed by the unprofessional and poor level of customer service I received in regards to a recent party reservation. I would defiantly not recommend booking a party, business engagement or meeting with CRAVE as they canceled my business engagement reservation giving me only 24 hours notice! I spoke with a worker there named Josh when I arranged for my business engagement. Josh assured me that our budget mentioned would be fine and confirmed our reservation for their event room. Three days before the event I receive a call from the General Manager, Alex Ramadan who proceeded to tell me that Josh made a mistake in letting me reserve the room as it typically has a minimum. He then proceeded to tell me that because his worker made a mistake that in good faith and business he would uphold their end of the bargain and allow us to keep our reservation. I applauded this as you often run into business that are only worried about their current profit and tend to not think about future business and word of mouth. However, this opinion quickly changed as I then received a follow up call less than 24 hours before our business engagement telling me that they have decided to cancel my engagement unless I agreed to nowu2026last minuteu2026meet their minimum. Now, first I would like to say that I deal with large events, holiday functions, fundraisers, dinner meetings, etc and understand minimums in their entirety. That being said, I was never told when I reserved that their was a minimum and then was reassured 3 days before my engagement that my reservation was secure from the General Manager Alex Ramadan himself. Long story u2013 shortu2026.Alex Ramadan, the General Manager of CRAVE canceled my business engagement last minute because he would make more money with another reservation. Thus, I would not recommend CRAVE for any type of event and would especially caution administrative assistants planning business engagements or even brides & Grooms planning wedding festivities as your event could be canceled just as quick if a bigger party decides to book on your same day!

Tags: Restaurants

Address: 22075 Michigan Ave Dearborn, Michigan USA


Phone: 313-277-7283