This company is dishonest. The owner’s name is Missy and she is very unprofessional. She salts clients properties double or triple the amount of times that aren’t even necessary, just so that she can Bill you more. The company is half the size it was in the beginning, possible due to her dishonesty and clients are getting smart and seeing who she really is. At least one of their employees is an alcoholic, so he’s on the job practically every single day with a mean hangover. Thus this must have an effect on the quality of work he does and how fast he can get the job done. Also, they put their 401k matches days later than is required by law. A former employee of theirs called the State on them to tell of their dishonest practices. She was shorly afterwards released (fired) of being an employee there. I believe, the government did Not end up fining them because they straightened up their act within the warning, of 30 days, that was given to them. Hopefully the State of Wisconsin and the Feds keep a keen eye on them. They might find other business practices that are unlawfully not followed by this company. Eventually, they will reap all that they have sewn.

34210 West Janesville Road Mukwonago, Wisconsin USA