| I joined Creative Loft and stupidly stayed on for three months. From month one I was trying to email customer support and never received any answer. I then found out that one of the positions I applied to had never even received my resume which I sent out twice. I kept emailing customer service with no responce, and then I called. If you call you get a personal voice mail I was confussed on weither or not I actually reached a company. I believe this is a one man show which means you will get horrible costumer service. It wasnt until today when I threatened to call Better Business Bureau that I got a respose from the owner. He promised to refund me the three months lets see if it happens. | My advise is to stay clear of this site no need to pay for jobs unless you go with a legitiment head hunter.


Name: CreativeLoft.com

Country: United States

State: Alaska




Website: www.creativeloft.com/