Plain and simple charged me two payments of 500 dollars for credit repair services without actually doing any work for one, which is illegal, and the second thing is that he never actually did anything to fix my credit. Never gave me a receipt at all. Told me that he would work on my credit report, got access to my credit report, which I had to pay for and then just never called me back. My credit never got repaired, the money never got refunded, and Anthony seemed to dip and dodge all my phone call and text messages until I just gave up. | He takes advantage of people who are new to credit repair, charges them up front, which is illegal, and then claims to give them advice on how to prove it but tell them in the beginning that he will repair the credit accounts for them. Seriously a waste of time. This dude should be in jail, he has been lying for years and is still bouncing around getting away with it. If he has done this to you please contact a lawyer and submit your claim. He s

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