was contacted by telephone to accept a credit card through mnba with a 0% interest rate for the first year and the 2.49% for the balance of the card. there were several phone numbers from which the call came. 250 489 7088, 250 747 2842, 403 414 3041, and 604 826 0692. these people called in succession for 3 days. offered the new credit card and said when it arrived to contact them and they would consolidate any existing balances owing on credit cards. however, there was a small fee. the amount was 2995.00 u.s. dollars. asked if they would send info in the mail. no reply just asked me to agree to the terms. said no and they said that i had already agreed. they knew all of my information. credit card numbers, any previous addresses, the last 4 digits of my SIN number. knew where i banked. in the past, i may have inadvertantly divulged some info. but in this instance i said no. it floored me how they knew so much. it has scared me beyond imagination. i have since contacted Equifax, Trans Union and my local RCMP. i do not know why i did not end the call. normally i do that. this call originally came on thursday june 2nd. there were a series of 10 calls on friday and saturday. i did not speak to anyone on friday as i was at work. i didnt check the phone either when i came home. on saturday after i arrived home another call came and that was when i asked for something in the mail. i hung up and within seconds another call came and i said send info by mail and said there was no point in continuing the conversation, that i was not interested and hung up. sunday june 5 went by without a call. so today im making my report and i am still terrified about this. to me it feels like identity theft – that i have been violated.