the credit one bank is ripping me off. i sent them a $100.00 money order,a note telling them to cancel the credit card and i cut the credit card in bits and pieces and sent ii in an envelope back to the company but they have not cancel the card yet because i got a statement today for $1,185.81(2-20-2016) now you tell me how i can be using a credit card when i dont have one since august,2015 and told them to cancel the credit card when i sent a note and a money order fopr $100.00 and the cut up credit card all together august,2015,would ya? i expect them to send me damages reinburshment of $25,000 because they have ruined my credit,used me,abused me,use my name without permission,and using a card and account number i dont know when i cut it up and sent it back to the company august,2015 as god is my witness. i want and expect them to either prove im wrong or send me $25,000 in damages immediately.

p.o. box 60500 city of industry, California USA


Credit Card Fraud