Complaint: The Winkelbauers of Crest Renovations failed to complete our master bathroom renovation after over 5 months elapsed. We filed with the Register of Contractors, the ROC issued a Corrective Work Order. Crest failed to comply with the CWO. I have requested a administrative hearing. I then took the initiative and contrated with my own subs. Electrical sub stated the electrical work that was done was a absolute fire hazard and proved it. He had to rewire over half the work the Crest did. Plumber stated work was not to code and had to redo the drain and one shower valve. After that work was completed it passed inspection. Had my tile guy complete shower, glass place complete shower. All work was completed within 2 1/2 weeks (over a week was waiting on custom glass fabrication). I hired an attorney who contacted Rob of Crest and he freely admitted over the phone that he owes us money. He and the attorney went back and forth for a week and then Rob stopped replying and answering his phone. This is the same behavior he demonstrated throughout the project. He would agree with you then go back and forth a little then go silent. My attorney estimates he owes us over $6000!!! My next recourse is either to sue him (a lot of dollars for legal fees) or take hime to small claims court (then I have to try to collect). I don’t believe he has the bond nor the insurance as required of a registered contractor, nor do I believe that anything he says has even the least bit of truthfulness. He was required to file a building permit by the Corrective Work Order (he hadn’t done so originally) and on that permit with the City of Phoenix, he provided a disconnected phone number and an address (home) that belongs to some completely unrelated family that has been living at that address for over 8 years!!

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Address: 3165 s alma school rd ste 29 pmb177 chandler, Arizona USA


Phone: 6025731394