Retreat Guru were confronted for their role in making trouble for those helping police into their inquiries as well as the disgusting nature of sniggering at people having their legs broken and siding with nasty drug traffickers facing jail, just hours later a facilitator of one of the Ayahuasca centres listed on the Retreat Guru website sent messages through another website claiming that Court witness could be humiliated and mocked as a peodophile for fun and nothing could be done about it. Then it was claimed a witness to Court would have his computer hacked, have his legs broken, caused a hospital visit or get beaten up amongst another nasties necessitating 200 police reports.
Company Policy states that there is no need for threats and harassment or hate speech, in this case they thought differently and took the side of those threatening people with nasty reprisals, violence and being smeared online, or mocked as mentally sick or full of excrement.
They took the sid

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