On April 13, 2015, I retained Russell A. Cline of Crippen & Cline to handle a case in US Federal District Court. Sometime later, Mr. Cline prepared a Representation Contract in which he promised to represent me in both the US District Court and 10th Circuit Court and then again in US District Court. On September 29, 2015, Mr. Cline attended a hearing and argued the July 2005 statute of limitations clock reset date. The judge ordered additional briefings by both parties. Mr. Cline was to argue the July 2005 date and the October 2005 reset date per the order of the court. Mr. Cline failed to argue the July 2005 reset date which was the crux of my case. Due to his failure to argue the proper statute of limitations date in the District Court, I lost the case. I filed an appeal in the 10th Circuit Court. Mr. Cline then immediately commenced arguing the correct date of July 2005 which caused that appeal to fail since no “new evidence” could be presented on appeal. Mr. Cline then turned tail and ran after the 10th Circuit denied the appeal on the “new evidence” instead of doing as the Representation Contract stated that he would handle the case back in District Court after the 10th Circuit. Mr. Cline would file documents in both courts without proof reading them and would get dates and other items wrong. I would review the filed documents and he would have to file an amended pleading. Very sloppy work plus he failed to honor his end of our contract and is in breach of contract. | I have endeavored to work things out with Mr. Cline even taking on a new case to clean up his mess. Cline refused. To date, I have paid Russell A. Cline, Esq. of Crippen & Cline, $10,000.00. I cannot recommend Mr. Cline or Crippen and Cline to anyone


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