My poor pathetic wife has cheated on me before. I stay with her since we have two children together and she has three other kids from her abusive first boyfriend who doesn’t even pay child support. She had then when she was 15 and does nothing but stay at home miserable at home with nothing else to do but think that every woman I work with wants me. She spends her time going thru my phone , going thru my work emails which I could get fired from if reported but she doesn’t care. She just has nothing better to do. She can’t even hold a job for longer than a month. She seems to be so obsessed with this one person who I works with and has nothing better to do but spread lies and feel sorry for herself. She sits at home doing nothing with her pathetic life and blames it on everyone else around her. I’ve cheated on her several times because she depresses me and makes me. I look at her and wonder how I even ended up with this person who can’t even help me. I tell anyone about my marriage to her how I can’t atand being around her how I wish I was single but she holds my two kids over me and threatens me that I will never see them.