so my sister told me crn hone for foreclosers i am tring to buy a house in florida so i sign up it 1.99 for the 1st month i take it they ask you all kinds of questions at that time and 1 of the questions is if you want roadside asst which i dont need because i have aaa and i told the person that you go on and they have all houses that have already been sold i checked all the properties on google they were all sold then they some call you for a welcome call the person talks so fast you dont understand what they r saying they tell u u get 1000.00 coupon free towards a house you buy after 2 months i noticed there is money missing out of my checking acct i speak to the rep at my bank and she tells me the name united roadside assrnc and the phone # is 800-848-8306 ca i call that number and they tell me i signed up at the time of the welcome call they did an investagation and were going to call me back but never did so i called back today and spoke to a roslind who was so rude she went in and played the welcome call i had to have her play it 3 times before i could hear the rep say roadside asst and 21.99 because he talk like a auctionier it was so fast at that point she had hung up on me so i am going online to file a complaint with the better business bureau and i found this site i read the complaint and call the 800 numb. back get the same person and she is so rude telling me how wonderful crn is i wanted to make sure there was not going to be any other money taken out of my acct i made sure i stressed this on the recorded call now i am writing this and i am still going to file a complaint with the bbb so dont sign up with crn home it is a rip off and they are scam artisit

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