Started at this crossfit location due to the Groupon I found online. $49 dollars for the first month seemed too good to be true, and it was. The get you in the door being at least a hundred dollars less than every other crossfit box in the area, which frankly is a good marketing campaign (too bad they cant keep their members, but thats a different subject). The probelm is you get what you pay for. At Active Performance you get a head coach (Scott) who designs all the workouts that has had no previous experience coaching. Yes he is certified by Crossfit to be a level 1 coach, but anyone with half a brain, a thousand dollars and a weekend to spare can have the same certification. The “programming” (workouts each day) is done by Scott and held as a trade secret, he will not post them online and will almost banish you from the gym if he finds you posting them on a social media site or sharing them with friends (but he wont banish you becasue he wants you to keep paying each month). Look at every other crossfit location, they share their wod’s with the community. The fact is, the wod’s at Active are suspect and he does not want them found out. Even to the point that their progression tiered programming is not recognized as a true Crossfit program. Next up is their lack of experience. Not a single coach in the box has coached prior to opening their own location. If that does not sound crazy I dont know what to say. Scott (the head coach) even recruitted his girlfriend to become a coach so that he could coach less since he has a full time job as well as running the box. So that touches on the programming and the coaching, now for the bigger issue, injuries. Now with any athletic persuit there will be injuries. However to have a high turn over due to injuries and not being able to workout is a problem. The biggest problem is who do you turn to in a case like this? You can’t sue them since you sign a waiver, you can’t go to OSHA, it’s not workers comp, CrossFit Headquarters does not police injuries. So I guess you are left to word of mouth and social media. Your body can be fixed but it is the only one you get. If you are going to start Crossfit, which I think everyone should, invest in a location that has a reputation one that has been around for longer than the current bandwagon. Don’t be scammed by a start up company like this that is just trying to exploit the new crossfit craze and make a quick buck.

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