We purchased a brand new 2014 Crossroads travel trailor from a well known company in Seffner, Fl. It was delivered to us at the end of May. Within the month, we knew that we had purchased a lemon… here is a list of what was wrong when we took it back to the service dept 1.. Awning collapsed and arm is bent 2.. Floor leading from the living area to the front bedroom has a large slope toward the outside wall 3..Slide room have gap at top seal of slide rooms when rooms are extended, visible from the outside on roof 4..Molding before and after front entry door is pulling loose from RV 5.. Water heater not working on electric 6.. Outside kitchen frame holding water 7.. Upper threshold of door from living room to front bedroom is pulling free from the ceiling 8.. Emergency exit window has large gap at top allowing leak and debris to enter the rv 9.. Wallpaper peeling from kitchen walls in large ripples The RV was in for repairs for 7 weeks…they called and told us all repairs were completed. Upon setting the RV up, we discovered that the floor was NOT fixed and the awning still did not work… and that the wallpaper had not been repaired. We called and made another appointment with the service dept. We took it back on Nov 10th , 2014 and it is STILL IN SERVICE!! They have replaced the slides because of WATER DAMAGE and now the slides do not come out … They have WELDED the outriggers to try and fix the soft spots and sloping in the floor. They had to redo the front because the brown faded to white, the heater was not blowing air into the bunk cabin so that was repaired. The paperwork I recieved last week from the service dept not says the Shore cor does not supply power to the coach!! I called and talked to a Manager named Angie Cox at the Crossroads customer service office. I explained to her that this unit is clearly subpar and defective. We want them to take this RV back. We purchased this brand new RV in good faith and hoped they would stand by their product. She told me that the only thing Crossroads could do is ” add the down time to the warranty””!! This is NOT acceptable! I am sure that Crossroads sells a great product and a lot of people are happy with them… BUT

if you happen to purchase one that IS defective… don’t expect them to own up to it and do the right thing! IT’S NOT WORTH THE RISK!!! DO NOT BUY A CROSSROADS!!!! Donna Tampa


1140 W Lake Street Topeka, Indiana USA