Crowdstar LLC owns covet fashion an application game for your phone. There has always been major problems and glitches with this game and many times I have submitted to help desk They say that these problems do not affect the fairness of the game proof that it does. They don’t notify you whenever they’re taking the game to upgrade it. They have Rally’s and they cannot get the program right to where all you get or duplicate puzzle pieces and the prices are outrageous. They have yet you’re reimbursed me for money I have lost because of their problems and they do not know how to code. Screenshots show a million words. I have screenshots of other users who are complaining about this on their style covet cancel Facebook page. This company is made over 45 million dollars and they can’t even make things Fair. They have what they call a rally 1500 is what you use to Max. But in order to get into rally they have required objects or clothes. | One of them can be 1500 and the other two thousand. When I complain to help desk I show them the problems I ask for a refund I’ve never been given one. I am in the mix of going locally and filing a small claims report on them. I am not the only one they are making money off this like you would not imagine and not listening to anybody’s complaints. I was searching the internet finding the major corporations that own this but I found the stockholders or someone like Facebook and Time Warner so that tells me a lot. So the only recourse I have a small claims let the CEO come to my town. The judge will find them fairness she don’t care what he is.


Name: Crowdstar Inc

Country: United States

State: California

City: Burlingame

Address: 330 Primrose Rd

Phone: 650-347-4166