Crown Garage Doors are great at getting the sale but poor at supporting their product and services. Doors and openers purchased 18 months ago ($2000) perform poorly and pulley cable recently came off of pulley and wrapped around spring rail knocking door off off track. Called Crown out and $185 to adjust. Normally i pay less than this to have an entire new spring system installed. This door has been used very little and has very few cycles on it. I am a home remodeler and i have only seen this happen in very old doors, probably poor installation. Crown more interested in sticking it to a customer than servicing repeat business. I will pay this time but they are off of my supplier list and probably off of my associates supplier lists once i spread the word. Too bad some companies are so short sighteded that they sacrifice the future for a couple of bucks BEWARE!!!

5701 bingle houston, Texas USA

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