I was moving to Atlanta from Switzerland alone, so I didn’t have an american bank account and I carried some money cash. When I checked in at the hotel after a long travel, they forced me to sign a paper saying that the hotel was a non smoking one and that I was responsible for the thing in my room. I had to sign it otherwise I couldn’t get the room. When I got in my room I saw that there was no safe in the room, so I hidden my money in a closed suitcase, under all my clothes in my luggage. The next morning I went to deposit some of the money at the bank and left 2’500$ in my room, always hidden in my luggage. I didn’t checked for it until two days later, when I’ve found out that it was stolen. I reported to the reception and they made some investigation. It came out that nobody entered my room except for me and two maids. They told me that they would have filed a claim to the insurance. After more than 20 days and a few calls later to reach out the hotel manager, the hotel wrote me an email saying that I couldn’t get refunded from the insurance, because they had a common safe and that I should have asked for it. I’ve contacted the manager of the IHG group and they told me that they would have done something for me. Today I got a call from their insurance and they told me that: – as I’ve signed their statement (I had to, otherwise I could get the room and after more than 10hrs flight I was tired out and I just wanted to get my room), I was responsible for the things in my room; – nobody could testify that I actually had that money in my room and that it was effectively stolen. (I was travelling alone and I didn’t know anybody as I first got here.) The fact is that the money wasn’t easily accessible and that for sure it has been one of the two hotel’s employee that took it. I will just drop the fact that they have been searching in my luggage, but what I cannot accept is that they are saying that it’s all my fault!! Moreover, I really care about that money because it worths one month work to me.I just want to know if there’s something that I can do to have it back.

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