Do Not Use CRSA Management, Inc. For Your Property Management Needs! Do Not Do Business With CRSA Management, Inc., Period! I am a homeowner out in San Dimas, California for so many years & we were dealing with “Condominium Management Services” in Claremont, California and had absolutely No Problems With Them, Period! They were easy to work with & they ran the complex smoothly & then one (1) day they decided to give the property management to “CRSA Management, Inc.” & then the Problems Began! They are Totally Incompetent to say the Very Least! The Very First Problem they gave ME was they stated that I owed them money from my Monthly Homeowner’s Association Monthly Dues when I was paying the exact same fee of $360.00 Dollars/Month & they stated something due to the effect that I owed them a payment or so. I had numerous arguments with Christine Richards, President, CRSA Management, Inc. (949) 791-8573 x1001 or [email protected] & she ends up making a payment plan for ME even though this was Not My Fault To Begin With! She could have just Waived This Fee as a One (1) Time Courtesy, but being as Cheap/Selfish as she is I Can See Why She Would Not Waive The Fee! Anyway, I just let it go & Paid Her Back For Money That She Did Not Even Deserve To Begin With. Next: Many Months Ago, somebody in her office kept sending ME these Stupid/Unnecessary Coupon Books & I told Christine Richards to Stop Sending Me These Coupon Books when they Take Out The Monthly Payment From My Bank Account Automatically! Sadly, her office was so Incompetent/Reluctant To Follow My Orders/Wishes that I had to Yell At Them & Use Profanity In Order To Get Them To Stop Harassing/Contacting ME About These B.S. Coupon Books! At That Time, I told Christine Richards To Continue Sending Me Everything By Email, Except For The Bogus Coupon Books & Yes, she Did as I had Wished Eventually. To Make Matters Worst: Christine Richards Purposely/Deliberately Raised The Monthly Homeowner’s Monthly Dues From $360.00 To $396.00 Without Even Telling/Giving ME any kind of Warning/Notice! How Did I Find This Out? When I Got Her Monthly Payment Receipt for February 2019’s Homeowner’s Association Dues, I noticed that the amount was $36.00 Dollars More & I Freaked Out When I Saw This Unauthorized, Illegal Increase! Yes, I did Contact Christine Richards by phone call/fax/email & we had a Big Argument /Discussion about it! All That I Can Say is that she is a Big, Big Liar whereby She Claimed that I told her to send ME everything to my Home Address by regular mail which is 100% Not True as You Can See By Reading My Complete Letter. Well, Christine Richards supposedly went ahead and sent ME out the Unauthorized $36.00 Dollar Increase Notice for the Homeowners Association Dues by Regular Mail to an address where I have Not Even Been At Since June Of 2018 & am Not Even Sure When If Ever, I Am Returning! I tried to get Christine Richards to please Waive The Increase For ME as a One (1) Time Courtesy & she Refused since she is So d**n Cheap/Money Hungry as I have stated earlier on in my letter. She ONLY Cares About Money and Not The Homeowner at All! She claims that the Board Of Directors decided on this Bogus Increase for the Homeowners’ Association Dues, but regardless, Christine Richards could have still Waived The Fee For ME for At Least One (1) Full Year which would give ME enough time to make the Increase on the Rent For My New Tenant since he barely moved in there & his rent has already been established, but of course, Christine Richards would Not Do A d**n Thing! Christine Richards Makes Plenty Of Money & she obviously gets a Commission/Salary from my Cedar Creek Homeowner’s Association which obviously means that she CAN Afford to Lose $36.00/Month Out Of Her Salary as a Courtesy To ME, but that Will Never Happen With Her! She Sounds Like A Donald Trump Supporter! Thank you. Sincerely yours, Howard Paul Shore Angry And Upset CRSA Management, Inc. Customer Executive, Volunteer Writer For Google And Tripadvisor Websites /HPS


Name: CRSA Management, Inc.

Country: United States

State: California

City: San Dimas

Address: 120 West Bonita Avenue, Suite 203

Phone: (909) 592-5300