Complaint: My Husband has been an owner op and trainer with crst for the last year,everything was going well until they had a management change,so last september things went down hill,the pay was totally screwed up,he was getting other drivers pay on his card other weeks nothing at all took him two whole weeks in cedar rapids in december to get it straightened out.inthe meantime our house was in jeopardy. During the holidays all owner ops had a voluntary maintenance account for every mile he put in mony and the company matched it,he was told he could use it for anything.He came home before Christmas, the whole month of january there was nothing ,he started out in February, then crst kept shutting the states down cause of weather, so he wanted his maintence account, well come to find out everyone of those truckers maintence accounts were gone!some drivers had 2000 dollars or more in them they disapeared.payroll showed him that it said he bought eight new tires,what a lie, with our house in jeopardy i never would of gone for that. no management there cares ,these drivers dont know what to do. So he was out the last four weeks,and had two different students on his truck,he still had nothing going on his pay card,last week another trip to cedar rapids, back to payroll, he was not the only one ,all these truckers wondering where is there pay, where is there maintence account,well he was always told if u breakdown for seven days payments are deferred, also they Qualcomm and told them if if you worked the holidays your payments will be defered for january, also crst qualcomm and said since February was bad, so payments were deferred since they wer the ones shutting people down.all lies noone was getting paid because they took every defferd payment at once .without any warning or anything, anyway he was gone for a month and made i write this i am so shocked but its true.there were truckers there that had not a dollar for food, i am warning everybody out there, please do not work or lease on to this company.also his student told him they recruited him out of a homless shelter, they told him at least he would get a place to stay and eat for awhile. I have more to say ,but at another my home is still in jeopardy.

Tags: Employers

Address: cedar rapids, Iowa USA