CRST is a faurd. they use students to finance there company. they have so many students and not enough trucks or trainers. All they have to do is sign up students leave them standing once they sign a contract and then collect on the 6500.00 that the student owes. | They have over 100 students each week, not month but week. Crst is a scam company. if you see it there way you can make 900.00 a week, but the way they do things you only make a few hundred the first month. you owe them 6500.00 they dont care if you stay are leave they have more students coming in. if you add it up they make over 10 million a year on students.students that never have a chance to get started. | If you look at it another way CRST trains 5200 plus students each year. why they dont have that many trucks. they know all they have to do is let you sit long enough in one place and you will quite but you still owe them 6500.00 dollars. some one needs to investitgate these people.


Name: CRST, Inc.

Country: United States

State: California

City: Riverside

Address: 5350 Wilson St

Phone: 800-234-3112