Prior to joining the gym, I was told they had a trainer that was an occupational therapist on staff, this was giving to me by desk manager Garrett. That was not true. He also said that the friend who referred me would get a $20.00 visa gift card and I would get a $10.00 gift card also. This did not happen. | When I asked later about this he said he didn’t know why we never received them, but look in to it. Weeks later i asked again, he said we where not illegible. Several of the staff would ignor me when I needed assistance, while on their phones. I had a personal trainer who was great Carolyn. | I called the manager Garrett to talk about these, I told him I wanted to quit the gym, he then informedme that I couldnot until I paid for 3 months. I told him that he did not give me this information when I joined, he said he did. That was not true. | Finally I had enough and just told him I wanted to quit after I paid the 3 months. He assured me that he would personally would take care of this. I asked him if I had to come to the gym to cancel my membership, again he said no he would see to it the my memebership was cancelled. | I went to the gym 3/18/2019, to make sure my membership was cancelled. Again he lied, it had not been cancelled, I was informed that I had to sign to get it cancelled. This was the worst gym I have ever been to. Garrett out right lied to me serveral times.


Name: Crunch Fitness

Country: United States

State: New York

City: New York

Address: 22 W 19th Street, 3rd Floor

Phone: 2129930300