Complaint: She is the owner of Schnauzer 101 and the Merle Schnauzer Club Of America its for Customer who have bought a Schnauzer Breed Called A Merle to REGISTER their merles. She handed over the business to another person to run and no one has got their MSCA papers in months . I got a email yesterday stating that she took her old business back . But because she does not like me , she told me I’m not registering your dog. But keep in mind I paid 1600.00 For this dog with full breeding rights. Now I have no papers on my dog, my money is gone and she cashed my check.. I have emails from her company to prove this. She is a mass breeder and does not care about those dogs or the people she robs of their money. She needs to be stopped. If a business onwer does not like you these days i guess its okay for them to steal your money . In my state that’s called Theft of Service. Beware of the mass mill.

Tags: Pet breeder, Theft

Address: 4379 1900 rd Delta, Colorado United States


Phone: 970-901-0216 or 970-260-7