My husband and I have been married for 22 years. This wanna be homewrecking whore WAS a dispatcher at my husband’s job. She is also married and she came after my husband like a raging bull!! || She knew he was married and she also knew we had 6 children. She approached him at work and told him how hot he was and how she wanted to have sex with him.(to put it nicely)They began texting and calling each other for about 2 months until I caught him on the phone with her. Needless to say…all hell broke loose. || My husband came clean and told me everything and begged me not to leave him. I did leave for a couple of days until I could figure this all out. I wasn’t coming back until I got the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Long story short…she would tell my husband how much she loved him and beg him to leave me. He told her he loved his wife and he could never leave me. Of course these sluts never give up. My husband changed his number and she got fired because she would not leave him alone. Sounds like I caught them before anything happened. This wanna be homewrecking WHORE can get mad. Like the owner of this page said…if you don’t want to be exposed…it’s pretty simple….don’t go after married men.