I atarted donating plasma at the CSL Plasma donation center in Grand Prairie TX, the beginning of 2013 all was going well, then about May 2013 usually on my second visit for the week, either my pulse was to high or my blood proteins were to high. Eventually I wrote to the company its self and the next thing I know the next time Iwen in I could not log in and when I went to the front desk, they said I meed to talk to someone in the back and the next thing I know they are taking blood a week later after not hearing from them I went in I was told that the machine was broken and when it was repaired they woud call me in for the blood test, Iwas one of four that this has happened to a week later nothing so I called in and asked machine was still broken, for two more weeks I called in and was told the same thing, if that was the case then send me out for the blood test. I then gor in contact with them for an explantion of what the problem may be and could not get an answer have not gone

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