I purchased a set of counter stools knowing it required assembly. When the box arrived it was obviously repackaged and re-taped to the point that the box had to be destroyed to get to the contents. This was the first clue that the stools had been returned once already and the defective goods were being foisted off on me. As I tried to assembly the stools, I discovered that the screw holes had not been tooled to accept the screws provided; the holes for the dowels were not sized correctly so the dowels wouldn’t fit. The legs were not set evenly on the seat, so they appeared skewed. I recently assembled a 7-piece wicker patio set with less trouble than this simple stool. When I went to return the merchandise, I learned that CSN would make me pay for the return fee, and would charge me a ‘restocking’ fee so they could sell this piece of junk to some other unsuspecting consumer. I would only get about 50% of the original price. Considering all the trouble to return it, I’ll probably donate it to Goodwill for some enterprising soul to use as parts for another project.

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