Complaint: TO LESLIE CT CULINARY INSTUITE 1991- JACKASS TEACHER WHO OH THEY GIVE YOU A JOB AFTER GRADUATION BULLS**T. I ENDED UP WORKING AT MCDOLALDS AFTER PAYING 5000 FOR 3 MONTH TRAINING PROGRAM. I HAVE FOOD ALLERGIES AND LEARNING DISABILITY . THEY GAVE ME A audit certificate and it never got me a f***ing job! ripoff . the admissions called me back in 1992 oh well everyones working – uh huh! yea well i aint f***ing working jacka** . 7 buck a hour i cant live off of that. im allergic to wheat corn i have adreanal burnout low thryoid and cholesterol thats elevated thanka a lot leslie.! i left the occupation after ending up in the intestsive care in hospital after i got job burnout in 2000. i work in financial services now.

Tags: Restaurants

Address: farmington, Connecticut USA