Bad landscaping experience On 6/7/12 we hired CTC Landscape And Construction of Aurora, CO to do landscaping on our yard. They worked sporadically for a month and did about $4,000 worth of work. During the same period the company’s owner asked me repeatedly for money and I paid him a total of $10,490. nBy the end of June we realized that the quality of their work was low and they overcharged us for the materials they used. On 7/7/12 in an email to the company’s owner I listed 8 things we did not likenand documented them with 26 photos attached to the email. I suggested two reasonable options for solution: one was that they stop work on our yard and refund to us the difference between what I paid them and the dollar value of the work they actually did. The other was that they remedy the 8 items and keep working on the yard under my closer scrutiny until we both agree that $10,490 has been spent on it and the work is acceptable to us. They refused to refund any money, but agreed to the second option and promised they will do a more professional job. However, they did not show up ever since. On 7/17/12 I wrote again to the company’s owner, reminding him of our agreement. Again, there was no reaction from him.

5455 S Flat Rock Way Aurora, Colorado United States of America