Complaint: They sell out their POA members to the interests of builders or a builder. I asked them to stop a builder from being allowed to continue to pull permits in ‘the cove’ until he straigtened out some errors he made on my home. They refused; and six months later another new home owner nows has issues with their home. I wonder what their incentive is to continue to run interfearance for this (acts like a child) builder. They collect your dues and spit in your face. Went to the office to get copies of all forms this builder filed when building my home and they refused to give them to me. Tried to start a confrontation with me and even threatedned to call the police. They bring their government job mindset to this POA and trash it like they’ve trashed everything else between the northeast and Florida. You get the strong ‘I’ve only worked goverment jobs’ vibe from most of them. Now, I guess, they think they hold some type of important office that makes them popular. No, it just makes you look like overgrown chidren. This builder only has about 6 homes that have been occupied 6 months or more and 2 of them have complaints agaisnt him. He rushed through things and talks over you to the poiht you can’t get a word in. His real estate agent and architect are no better. I put a review of the POA on yellow pages. com and they had it taken down. Something to hide?

Tags: Home Owner Associations

Address: 16939 Hwy. 70 N Monterey, Tennessee USA


Phone: 931-839-2926