Feb 18, 2016 went into the Cummins shop in Joplin MO. Explained we had an egr valve go out but replaced it. Currently could no get system to regen and regen light on the dash. Explained we had the same computer program they use for diagnosis and that the DOC was plugged up. They still hooked up to their computer but said our particulate filter was bad and needed replaced. For the replacement we had to upgrade and go through EPA. This took almost a week. After repair was complete they said it was fixed. Paid $2912.07. Got into our truck and same light was still on. Went inside to complain and they offered to rehook to their computer for free. Came back and said now turbo was bad and they hadn’t bothered to check anything but the DPF system. | Because of the EPA upgrade they said i had to have i could no have the old parts put back on. | Manager said turbo was spinning to fast and tech said spinning to slow. wouldn’t let them touch the truck again. Our turbo is only a little over a year old and not bad. They refused to give us a print out of the second check they did on the computer. We hooked up our computer and the same codes we went in with were still present. | I removed the DOC myself and it was so plugged i could pour out soot and I cleaned it myself. I also found the wires they had disconnected to replace the def system had not been secured. | They were just claiming unnecessary repairs for the money.

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