Complaint: I bought plates from this company. My school where i work bought plates from this girl. The food was cold. It was late like always but i gave her a chance. When i told the girl, she got a bad atitude with me. I ask for the refund of the 8 dollars and she wont give it to me cause she said the food was good and there was no reason for the refund. The reason is that its my money. They are not a real company. She made the food in her kitchen and her husband helps her. I am so mad that i paid for this with my money and she yelled at me like my ex. They are lieing to you when they say they are a real company because the city never heard of her or her plate business. I called to complain to the helth department about this. They told me they never heard of her. I will never buy from her again. She is a liar and she is a mean person that thinks she is better then everybody.

Tags: Catering

Address: San Antonio, Texas United States of America