This is our second and last year using Curbside Waste for service. We pay to have them pick up garbage and yard waste on a weekly basis. Though this was not the first time, two weeks ago, they failed to pick up yard waste until we called. Last week, they failed to pick up garbage until we called. With Memorial Day having fallen on this week, trash pickup was moved to Friday. They failed to pick up yard waste. As their office closes at 3:00pm on Friday, there is no recourse other than to leave and email or voice mail. Curbside consistently fails to meet even the basic service agreement to the extent that we are demanding a refund of each week they fail to act properly. We have not been happy with their service since we started it. | We will be leaving our cans at the street until they empty them. Since the City of Fridley fines residents approximately $135 per day for having their trash cans in front of their setbacks (with the exception of trash day), Curbside Waste will be paying those fines. | Be leery of any service you have to pay in full in advance especially when you see few neighbors use them and negative ratings throughout the internet. Curbside is a prime example of how wrong it is to not check into a company before hiring them to do a service.

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