STAY AWAY! From my experience and other reviews I’ve read, this dentist cares about nothing except for making money! Public record so you can look it up if you choose. I believe she is in civil court about every week or very often suing her patients for money from her cancellation policy! Luckily I was smart enough not to sign her cancellation policy towards the end of being a patient. Her policy is if you miss an appointment for any reason without a 2 day notice regardless of cause you have to pay the full value of dental work for that day. (See Image attached) they will even charge your card on file. Then in addition you pay the same amount again when you actually have the work done that was originally scheduled! Crazy right, but sadly true! You pay double for dental work that is already more expensive than most local dentists I have researched. | So, If something unexpected comes up, you are deathly ill, have a sick child, car accident, hospitalized, it does not matter. There is even a review on here were a man’s wife got charged on her credit card for missing an appointment when she was hospitalized! God help your wallet if you have a bunch of fillings scheduled that day! Stay away from what they portray to be great customer service! In my observation and opinion it is fake and nothing but a scam to get more money! I wouldn’t recommend this dentist to anyone. In my opinion this is one of the most unethical businesses I’ve dealt with! I could write so much more about our horrible experience trying to work with them but I’m not going to waste anymore of my valuable time! If anybody wants a true rundown of why you should never use this dental service please feel free to contact me before you waste your time or money!


Name: Curington Ashley P DMD

Country: United States

State: Georgia

City: Buford

Address: 1900 Morningside Dr NE

Phone: 770-932-1115