We rented a vacation property from this person. We arrived at the agreed-upon time and the house was FULL OF PEOPLE who acted as if we were trespassing. We were told the house “wasn’t ready yet.”” We had to leave for two hours and when we returned

the individuals were still on the property. After they left

we found DOG FECES in the living room and on the bedroom patio. There was no hot water in two downstairs showers. nCurtis Duffin cashed our $4000. deposit check after assuring us that “”the check will be returned uncashed upon your departure.”” On the morning he was supposed to meet us at the property to return the check

he disappeared

and didn’t answer phone calls or texts. A day later we discovered that he deposited the check. A series of phone calls led to a stream of double-talk and B.S. from Curtis and two months later he has still not returned our $4000. deposit. DO NOT TRUST THIS MAN!!”