After living with him for 8 years with our son he tells me it is time to move out. Hurt and broken hearted again I proceed to move out. After a month he comes back around and misses seeing me. Our relationship begins again but this time we are limited on time in the public eye. We went on trips, out to eat and events together but not to be spoken about to friends. This has been going on for six years. I have come to find out that he has been cheating with any women that would accept his offer. Driving semi for Abilene Machine he has been in Kansas and other middle states. || Women please be aware of his pick up lines, stories that are made up of lies and the sob stories to get money from you. He came by a few weeks ago to tell me he has a girlfriend. Wow! What was I. She has moved in and time will tell how long it will be before he cheats again. Hopefully you were not one of his victims.