Custom Diesel Express was sub-contracted to move two of our vehicles cross-country. The first vehicle was damaged upon loading (they used short ramps and bottomed out the vehicle) and the second was damaged upon unloading (surprise! The same sized short ramps still bottomed out the vehicle! What a concept.) Our vehicles sustained thousands of dollars worth of damage. | The company then dropped off the face of the planet. They would not respond to any form of communication. I finally managed to track down their insurance provider (which they had just cancelled) and again they refused to respond to any form of communication from their insurance provider. Finally after many months of chasing every email and phone number we could find, our claim was turned down by the insurance provider, because they could not determine which vehicle had been used to provide the transport (and thus couldn’t confirm if it was covered). I am now out thousands of dollars. Do NOT use this company.


Name: Custom Diesel Express

Country: United States

State: Tennessee

City: Mooresburg

Address: 111 Slate Hill Rd

Phone: 423-921-7422