Purchased a custom frame after being misled as to the type and quality of the product. Product came exactly as purchased, and packaged well, however poorly described and constructed. nSilver paint was suddenly a glassy, reflective finish and and construction resulted in bending of the top length of the frame, both together rendering it useless. After purchase, they called to raise the price on me because the standard additional material I requested was not big enough – but they were quick to take my credit card and fix that. nNow I have contacted them and they write a two-page email describing how I apparently “missed”” the description and through some manipulation and act of God I can get the frame to not bend. Hmm

I’ve bought larger frames for half the price at Target that don’t have these problems. Of course

if I pay to ship it back (easily $15 for materials and shipping) and lose the 25% “”scrap fee”” (right

this will be cut down and reused for smaller frames at their profit) then I can send it back – saving me a whopping $20! nToo bad – they could have eaten the price and taken it back. I would have gladly bought something much nicer (and more expensive) along with using them for the rest of the house we are redecorating. We did one thing right – we purchased only ONE item from them to see what the experience would be like before relying on them to provide expanded quality products for our family.”

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