I made my purchase with this company on 2/7/09. It took forever to talk to Susan about what kind of flowers I wanted, not the 16 days she promises on her site. In that phone conversation she told me to expect my bridal bouquet picture by March 31, 09 and that once I approved that picture, she would finish my order, and that I should have my order by April 8th, 09. I did get the picture, and approved it, and from there it has been a nightmare! nMy flowers never came. I sent her an email on April 21, and she never responded. Finally after sending her another one on the 28th of April, she sent me one back the next day, stating that she was doing the best that she could, and that she was getting my order out just as soon as she could. I told her that didn’t work for me, because I was getting ready to move. She then cancled my order and told me to expect my refund in 7 days. nNeedless to say, it hasn’t come and that was almost a month ago. nSince then I have reported her to the BBB, and she LIED to them, and said that I cancled my order, and the she issued me a store credit. I have to tell you that if you are going through this company that you NEED to save all of your emails! I am glad that I did, because without them, she could have made me out to look like I was full of it. nI also made a police report with the Police Department where she lives. I am not sure how that is going to pan out though because I am in another state, but the officer that I am working with is trying to do something! nBrides, please do your research on this company! There are so many complaints out there about her for the same reason! Plain and simple, DO NOT use CSC! nAubbinsnMissoula, MontanaU.S.A.

403 Luzerne Street Johnstown, Pennsylvania U.S.A.