I contacted this person by his website cutestpomeranians.com and arranged to buy a puppy. I wired 500 dollars by western union to Brady David per his request to Atlanta, Georgia. The next day the shipping company emailed me requesting 870 dollars for insurance. (Pet smart delivery) I wired 870 dollars by western union to Tom Craig in Atlanta, Georgia per their request. The next day the shipping company emailed me again saying they needed 700 dollars for a special crate because the puppy is so small. I told them I’m not sending any more money, to send the puppy back to the sender and I want my 870 dollars back. They have never returned my email. I have also called them and left a message and they have not returned my call. I emailed the sender and told him to pick up the puppy and I want my 500 dollarsback, no response. My mother called the sender and spoke to him and he hung up on her. The sellers website states "30 day money back guarantee". The shipping company stated that we would get 99% of the 870 dollars back when the puppy arrived.