CuttingEdgeGrass internet ordering site is a scam and fraud. If you do like I did, you order a small bag of their grass seed and get one free, but the site multiplies the order. My order came to almost $100. which was 4 times the original amount. When I contacted CuttingEdgeGrass, they replied that I ordered through a dealer and not their company. They said the dealer was Harvest Garden Center of Bridgeport, CT. I ordered on the CuttingEdgeGrass web site not the Harvest Garden Center site. Also the return email address for the person answering me was fraud and did not exist. CuttingEdgeGrass uses front companies to divert the money and fraudulent ordering system. Avoid this company at all costs. I Reside in Cambodia and was having the small bags of seed sent to a relative to send to me. CuttingEdgeGrass only gave me phone numbers to call which I cannot call from Cambodia. They have almost no email site to complaint to and the one given to me was a fake.

3 Long Lake Way palm Coast, Florida USA


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