Complaint: December 3, 2003, we entered into an agreement to repair and purchase a corvette from CXI Racing (Conversion Xtras) in Houston. The owner Phil Twardowskyj came to us and offerd to provide this car for a total of 8,300.00. He demanded 3000.00 cash on Dec. 3 and we paid it. 4 days later on Dec. 9, this car was towed to an Auction Pool, to be sold by State Farm Insurance (as it was a totaled car, and they were the owners. Mr. Twardowskyj called us Dec. 10 acting like he was needing money for repair of the engine, his WIFE WAS SICK AND NEEDED TO BE IN THE HOSPITAL, and asked for another 4,000.00 which we gave him, AFTER THE CAR LEFT HIS SHOP FOR GOOD. He is still claiming to this day that he is fixing the car for us and he has possession. We did not know until Jan 1, 2004. that the car was TOWED AWAY 2 DAYS BEFORE WE PAID HIM AN ADDITIONAL 4 GRAND. He claimed to actually have put an ENGINE and new BLACK SEATS yet Pictures of the CAR (AT THE AUCTION POOL) prove they are the same original seats in it. I have contacted all the involved companies, STATE FARM INSURANCE and BAYOU CITY AUCTION POOL, and know for a fact that he never owned nor repaired anything regarding the corvette. The Auction Pool has stated that in no way was this car ever his to sell or repair and it is at their lot, and has been, since before he came to us for more money. I have now not had a car for 3 months and 7,000 was paid to Phil Twardowskij for a car that was never his to sell or work on. I have signed contracts, receipts, and copies from my bank of money paid to him and plan to go after this man in every way possible. He lied and is still lying, as of todays date. He has even had a stranger call to say he was working on the car for Phil Twardowskij last week, when I knew the car is at the Auction Pool. The owner of the company is his wife – JUDY CURNY and we plan to prosecute both of them for this in every way. I need any help I can get to go after this guy – he made a TOTAL OF 10,500.00 off this car he did not own. Villette Houston, TexasU.S.A.

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