I was on the computer and suddenly a message popped up saying that my computer had a virus, that my computer was locked and to not shut off my computer or I would lose important data on my computer. It had an apple support number to call immediately and there was a timer going off. So thinking that it was indeed Apple I called the number. The man had an Indian/ middle eastern accent and told me his name was Pablo Martinez. He ended up getting full access to my computer in order to supposedly install security for $***. Had us talk to someone else who could give us an additional 3 year warranty on our software and would be an additional $***ish. I was initially skeptical so while my husband was talking with Pablo I was trying to get ahold of an Apple number but they were very convincing… had a case number, his apple tech ID, assured we were on a secure website by pulling up a wikipedia page and saying that they were through homeland security, etc. so I hung up and we figured it was legit. They asked for 2 echecks, so they now had our routing and account number. Then they said they were going to start putting the stuff on, give them an hour. So I sat back and watched them as they moved stuff around and deleted stuff and installed Sophos security along with some other stuff. When this was happening I still felt like something was off. I found the number to the REAL Apple, called and they told me that they were fraudulent and definitely scamming us. The real Apple immediately took over and had me deleting stuff that was from them, the other people were still trying to take over at that point until I could finally cut off their access. While I was on the phone with REAL Apple the scammers were continually calling me, and the Apple rep told me DO NOT ANSWER. I had to go to my bank to close my account and had to change all my passwords. A little while later the scammer called back, my daughter answered the phone and gave them hell. The man insisted that they were a part of ScamPulse.com and that they were legitimately working for Apple. Every time a company name was asked for, a different name was given. They started out with Apple Tech Support, then told her Cyber Security Center and then said eGeeks. At that point she told them we were reporting them to the BBB. He said he was canceling the checks and The man told her that the conversation was entertaining and continued to assure her that she was wrong. She hung up. These people are fraudulent and disgusting.